The best Ontario Colleges are a compelling choice for numerous Latin American students. In recent years, Canada has emerged as a top-priority destination for many students hailing from Latin America. The country’s esteemed universities and colleges, the opportunity to learn in English, its stability and security, the warm hospitality of its citizens, a high quality of life, and an exceptional educational offering collectively contribute to Canada’s esteemed position.

In addition to the outstanding education system and prospects for professional experience, the cost of investment is notably lower compared to private schools in other countries within the region, such as Mexico. Recognizing this, WritePaper research proposal writing services aligns seamlessly with the pursuit of academic excellence and cost-effectiveness for students considering Ontario Colleges in Canada.

Many schools in Canada and Ontario have created specific services to attract students from Latin America. Departments have been created that serve in Spanish the demands for information and the administrative processes to access the different programs. Studying at a college also offers some advantages that are very appreciated by foreign students: one of the most important is the access to permanent residence in Canada in a faster way. These are the Ontario Colleges that offer the studies programs and the most attractive services for Latin American students that are thinking about prolonging their academic experience in Canada.

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Recognized as one of the best educational institutions in the Ontario province, Niagara College has an enrollment of over 9,000 full-time students and more than 15,000 applicants. Its program has 100 high school diplomas and graduate certificates. Its study areas include Gastronomy, Hospitality Industry, Business, Winemaking, Brew Master, among many others. It also offers access to countless recreational activities, such as a must-visit to the towering Niagara Falls and a delightful vineyard area in St. Catharines.

List of departments / schools / faculty / university

Gastronomy / Hospitality Industry and Tourism / Business / Event logistics / Viniculture / Brew Master


Established as the first public university in Toronto in 1966, Centennial College offers over 95 diploma and certificate programs in business, communications, community and health studies, science and engineering, arts in general, hospitality industry and transportation. These programs provide practical experience in the market, with learning in the laboratory, industry and employment agencies, as well as cooperative education. Students can also prepare for the university through the Arts and General Sciences program and English training. Through its eight main schools, Centennial University offers more than 100 full-time programs and 160 part-time programs.

List of departments / schools / faculty / university

School of advance / School of Businesses / School of community and health studies / School of Continuous Education / School of Engineering Technology and Applied Sciences / School of Hospitality Industry, Tourism and Culture / School of Transportation.


Humber College is one of the most established schools in Toronto, recognized as a scholastic institute of great educational quality. Students from over 138 countries enroll in the educational program that allows them to take the Bachelor level in 4 years, diplomas of 2 or 3 years and certificates in one year of studies. Humber has three main campuses, the Humber North campus, the Lakeshore campus and the Humber Orangeville campus.

The Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, commonly known as Humber College, was founded in 1967 and is publicly funded. It provides academic advisors and resources, such as a career search engine. Most Humber programs contain a practical experimental component for students, such as internships or access to the labor market. It also offers Bridging Programs (or Bridge Training) for professionals trained internationally in the fields of engineering and information technology.

List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Hospitality Industry and Tourism / Health Sciences / Business / Creative Arts /


George Brown is one of the most popular colleges in Ontario. Located in Toronto, it offers a wide variety of art and design programs, business, community services, early childhood education, construction and engineering technologies, health sciences, hospitality industry and culinary arts, preparatory studies, as well as programs and services specialized for new immigrants to the country and international. The degree programs are approved by the Ontario Post-Secondary Education Quality Assessment Board. George Brown is a member of the Ontario Applied Arts and Technology Colleges Association and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges. The university offers over 66 diplomas, as well as five degree programs, one along with Ryerson University.

List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Architectural studies / Business / Chef school / Information technology / Construction technologies / Dance / Dental healthcare / Design / Pediatrics / ESL and ESL teaching/ ESL for international students / Fashion / Financial services / Health and Wellbeing / Health Sciences / Hospitality Industry and Tourism / Immigrant Education / Jewelery / Liberal Arts and Sciences / Mechanical Engineering Technologies / Nursing / Social and community services / Theater


Sheridan College is a Canadian public polytechnic institute with two campuses in Oakville and Brampton, Ontario, both suburbs located west of Toronto. It was founded in 1967 and is known for its animation and illustration courses, musical theater performance program and design and craft programs. Sheridan College also teaches courses in business, applied computing and engineering, and community and liberal studies.

Sheridan’s Electronic Engineering program is world-renowned for its lessons on displacement records. They also offer a number of collaborative degree programs through partnerships with the Toronto University in Mississauga, York University and Brock University.

List of departments / schools / faculty / university

Animation, Art and Design / Business / Community and Liberal Studies / Applied Computing and Science Engineering / Continuing Education and Corporate Training


Seneca’s School of Applied Arts and Technology is a public university for applied arts and technology located in Toronto since 1967. The center is a member of Polytechnics Canada and offers over 140 4-years specialized bachelor’s degrees, diplomas of 2 and 3 years and a growing number of 1-year graduate programs in the areas of Technology, Biotechnology, International Business, Marketing, Accounting, Brand Management, Project Management, Event Management, IT, Engineering, Travel, Hospitality, Management spa, fashion, digital media and animation, among many others.

List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

School of Applied Arts and Health Sciences / School of Applied Sciences and Technological Engineering / Business School / Informatics, Arts and Technology School


Fanshawe College is a large university located in London, Ontario. It also has campuses in Simcoe, St. Thomas, Woodstock, Tillsonburg and Strathroy. It registers approximately 15,000 full-time and 40,000 part-time students. The London campus was founded in 1962 as the Ontario Vocational Center (OVC). In 1967, it became Fanshawe College, one of the largest university systems of applied arts and technology in the entire province.

The area’s campuses were subsequently established in Woodstock, St. Thomas and Simcoe. Fanshawe College offers more than 100 certificate, diploma, degree, and graduate programs in a variety of disciplines such as applied arts, business, technology, or health and humanities services. In addition, Fanshawe leads cooperative programs (work-study) where paid work terms are combined with academic studies.

List of departments / schools / faculty / university

Business / Health Care / Human Services / Information Technology / Trades, technology and transportation / International professional studies in English


Conestoga offers advanced applied education and research aimed at the innovation commercialization. It’s a prominent polytechnic institute, founding member of Polytechnics Canada, which has over 8,000 full-time students, 4,000 apprenticeship students and 38,000 part-time students.

During the last three years, Conestoga has become one of the best reputation colleges in Ontario. It offers 120 full-time programs, 37 learning-related programs, 7 four-year bachelor’s programs, 3 collaborative degrees, 25 graduate certificates and more than 100 part-time programs. For nine consecutive years, the reports of the Ministry of Training, Universities and Universities of Ontario have placed Conestoga as the number one public university in the general ranking.

List of departments / schools / faculty / university

School of Business and Hospitality Industry/ School of career and academic access / School of Engineering and Information Technology / School of Health and Life Sciences and Community Services / School of Liberal Studies / School of Media and Design / School of Trades and Learning / Conestoga Language Institute.