The Toronto Section of “Contemporary Mexico” Global Network of Mexicans will be put on the map on October 17th, an ambitious culture-exchange platform that gathers Mexican artists and academicians based in Canada and Mexico. According to one of its promoters, prestigious violinist Paulina Derbez, “we intend to show the Canadian audience the huge cultural heritage displayed by our country since the early days of the 20th century to date” by means of concerts and multidisciplinary events. This creative wealth will be showcased and spread in different ways, by combining music with visual arts, painting, literature or photography.

The first initiative scheduled by “Contemporary Mexico” is a concert to be given by Ensamble Monarca, with Paulina Derbez and Mexican pianist Maria Rosales performing a classic Mexican repertoire entitled “From Baroque to Mexican Contemporary”. Cellist Naomi Barron, who was the main cello of one of the best orchestras in Spain and presently stands out as a member of Ontario Philharmonic, will be the special guest. The concert promises a journey into Mexican classic music, from the viceroyalty age to the 21st century, with references to such outstanding composers as Manuel M. Ponce or Silvestre Revueltas.

The event to be held on the 17th is included in Windermere United Church’s schedule of autumn concerts. It’s one of the greatest events related to Mexican culture in Toronto, a city that houses a significant number of citizens from the North American country and long-standing tradition in the promotion of autochthonous culture. Ensamble Monarca is going to play the leading role in the evening, but it’ll be accompanied by Hispanic Literature professor Alejandro Zamora, from York University, who will give a lecture on Mexican contemporary literature; as well as the reading of poems written by such prestigious authors as Octavio Paz or Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz.

The creation of a cultural section in Toronto for the Global Network of Mexicans was an old dream of Paulina Derbez and Lariza Mendoza, its public relations director. Since her arrival at the capital of Ontario in 2005, the renowned Mexican violinist has developed an intense cultural activism and she has stood out as a cultural ambassador of her country in Canada. That was the opinion of “Quien Magazine” in 2013, which included her on the list of the 50 boldface names that were transforming Mexico. “Latinos Magazine” ranked her among the “Top 10 Most Successful Mexicans in Canada.”

Derbez has given concert around the world (Japan, Colombia, France, Italy, Germany, Canada and Mexico), both as a soloist and with chamber and symphonic orchestras. She’s also the creator of the teaching method named “Conscious Musician,” detailed on a book that, with its digital and printed versions, has become a must-read manual for musical teaching and learning.

From left to right, Paulina Derbez, Naomi Barron and Maria Rosales, who will be performing at the official presentation of the Global Network of Mexicans’ Toronto Chapter, on October 17th.

On the other hand, pianist Maria Rosales has a long professional career, with several awards. She studied at Moscow Conservatoire and won the award to the Mexican Young Value in her country. Maria Rosales visited stages in half the world: Russia, Sweden, China or Canada. She has shared stage with such outstanding musician as Julio Rosales, Marina Dancheva, Inna Korshikova and Paulina Derbez.

The concert is set to take place at Windermere United Church, 356 Windermere Ave., 356 Windermere Ave., on Saturday, October 17th, 7:30 pm.