Residing in Santiago de Chile will place you at the heart of the most southern nation in the world. However, the beautiful scenery is just the tip of the iceberg of what you will find here. You will discover the general culture, security, and transportation network here. When it comes to language, Spanish is the main language in Santiago.

Unlike other cities across the world, English is not the language to get by. However, if you want to visit Santiago and get an idea of what it is like to live there, then you can hire an English-speaking tour guide who can show you all the aspect of living there or find a local who can give you a free walking tour. Then you will have a better view on how it is really like.

Nonetheless, Santiago features common occurrence of earthquakes, however, they are small and Santiago is well planned to reduce the damage. Living in Santiago is not a risky thing but I suggest that you make use of your common sense and be keen on your belongings when moving to the city. The City of Santiago is the most modern in Latin America. Over 6.5 million residents staying in the Metropolitan part of the city live a relatively top-notch quality of life.

Communication is important

Several local people residing in Santiago have never left Chile, their home country. This implies that they like their tradition and are not accustomed to foreigners imposing a different lifestyle on them. This is most clearly seen in the vitality that they associate with the Spanish national language.

After the independence of Chile from Spain in 1817, the Spanish culture and language were ingrained deeply into everyday life. Due to this, Spanish knowledge is necessary when living in this city especially if you want to be accepted by the native population.

Understanding the Spanish language is vital in the sense that, most of the Chileans do not speak English. Provided that you are residing in Santiago, the nation’s biggest city, it is relatively possible that you will communicate in English in some pockets of Santiago, however, do not depend on it being comprehended everywhere.

Santiago de Chile

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The Smog of Santiago de Chile

Santiago is situated in the central valley of Chile and surrounded by mountains. The Andes are the most prominent and are located towards the east and the north of the city. While these offers incredible landscapes and the city’s backdrops, they are at times difficult to see.

However, the location of Santiago in the valley implies that it has to deal with some air pollution, that is often trapped and creates smog that hangs across the city. Don’t allow this to ruin your first Santiago impressions though, especially if you are getting here during winter when humidity boosts the smog.

You should know that living in Santiago will imply experiencing earthquakes once in a while. The nation is used to these earthquakes and the residents don’t worry over the weaker tremors that might shock people who have never experienced it.

The surrounding location and Santiago

Since its foundation in 1541, the city has grown a lot. Some of the buildings of the colonial Spanish are scattered around Santiago, however, they intersperse with the more current architecture, giving a reminder to the visitors that Santiago is focused on making a name for itself as a business-viable location.

When living in Santiago, ensure to take time of traveling away from the colonial arcades and spend time getting to know other great places. The unique location of the city should be taken seriously-it is imminent to enjoy skiing, trekking, climbing and wine tours across the neighboring countryside.

Local Currency

The currency used in Chile is the Chilean Peso (CLP). You should be aware that in spite of its name, the currency has a similar sign as that of the American dollar ($). Despite Chile being relatively expensive as compared to the other Latin American nations, it is still cheap as compared to other western nations.

Santiago and safety

Residing in Santiago should not be risky. In essence, Chile is known as one of the safest countries in South America. Nonetheless, it is always a good notion to be keener and aware of personal belongings. For instance, when sitting in cafes and restaurants, don’t leave your bags on the chairs’ back and always be on the lookout for pickpockets.

Santiago is just a great city

Why reside here? To summarize everything up, Santiago is just a great city. It is not risky, it is not filled with a lot of tourists and there are a lot of bars selling pisco cocktails or beers cheaply. There are a lot of diverse and fun club nights and everyone enjoys the BBQ in the park and most of the times it is sunny.

Article written by Lilly Herbert