We had already outlined his hyperreal art, and it was an article that our readers at PanamericanWorld visited and shared a lot, so it was necessary to know more of the young man with only 19 years of age, who has attracted  the interest from hundreds of publications, and has created its own wave on social networks.

Redosking, as known in the art world, or José Vergara by his birth name, opened for us his world, a world that will surely give much to talk about, not only for his exceptional talent which is hard to ignore, but because he symbolizes the best of a new generation that, without sacrificing the new technologies, remains true to the real world. He is also part of the best the Hispanic heritage has in the United States, that’s our character.

“I was born in Mexico DF on August 20, 1994, and lived there for 6 years, but because of safety problems I moved with my family to Spain, specifically Madrid. I lived there 12 years, which probably makes me more Spanish than Mexican,” says this son of Mexican entrepreneurs, his parents are currently living with José and his two brothers in a small town in Texas, where they are manage three restaurants.

Redosking had never attended drawing or painting classes, although he always remembers to have had interest, there was an specific event that defined his vocation “I’ve always drawn, I’ve done all my life, but being in Spain, when I was 8, I fell while playing on a swing set and broke my right arm. I spent a lot time in the hospital, I had many operations done, and as with all the time that I had, I started drawing with my left hand, and drew and drew, drew the room, what I saw, my world, just to pass the time.”

But the sign of a great artists is there, the dedication, the drive and everything that has triggered this extreme change of his world in the matter of a year. “It’s a passion, in my spare time it is all I do, even in my study time drawing is what I like, in my free evenings watching television, or waiting in the airport .”

Last year was his first year in college, and thus his first formal art class originated the encounter with a technique, with a motivation , with the opening of a door: “… Just last year I began to take my first art classes, basic stuff, one of the tasks was to use prismacolor pencils to make a face, a face with crayons, I bought them for the homework and I loved it.”

Thus began this hyperreal stage, “I was surprised , because I really liked the material, the results were very good, I had not started with the eyes yet, from there I started this theme. I made an account in Instagram, and saw many drawings of eyes. I was fascinated with how good people were, and decided to draw my own.”

“I was so excited to draw an eye, I wanted to make it like the picture, as close as possible to the real thing, then as realistic as possible. For the first eye I drew a bunch before making the good one, I erased thousands of times, I tried several techniques.”

In less than what he expected, his instagram following grew to 22,222 people (to date), almost 8000 on Facebook and he is barely beginning a Twitter profile. “I had never liked social networks, I’ve always been very traditional, I prefer to go to the park and take a walk to stay with the phone, but I was interested to know what was really like having a profile on a social network, and last year I made an Instagram. I loved it, to see thousands of different artists sharing their work, trying to get noticed, and I loved the way they share their work, their techniques, you comment and they respond and help you as much as they can.”

That is why José insists on sharing step by step all his discoveries, and his audience is growing with him, “I never thought I would grow so much in so quickly, it was really a shock to me.”

“I am absolutely flattered and happy that people like my work,” says José.

Talking, we imagined together how would have been the relationship of the greats such as Da Vinci, Picasso and Dalí with social networks, I asked if he believed that they would have used it, and he nodded “Yes, I think they would have used it, they would have tried to reach more people, it would have been great.” They inspire him as much as the great graffiti artists of the world of street art and the Hip Hop he learned to love in Spain.

For José this new way of reaching a growing, diverse, and interactive audience makes his work as an artist also serve the interests of the public. “My eyes each have over 3000 likes. Now I am getting orders, and I’m selling some material.”

However, while grateful to his university for the tools he has been granted, Redosking wants to go to one of the renowned schools in Chicago or New York.  Also in a larger city, he can get his first exhibition.

He feels he has a lot in common with people his age, yet his world has other nuances , “I like what my friends like, but I think I am also different in many ways.”

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He honors every step through his root countries, Mexico and Spain. He tells us without a doubt that this is his path, he decided, as an artist always in search of his own style, and when he finds it, develop it.