The Guyanese food that we find in New York City is a far cry from the yummy home grown and home cooked meals in Guyana. The food represents Guyana’s rich culture of African, Indian and indigenous peoples. Guyana is the only English speaking country in South America so you should have no problem asking for these goodies when you visit.

Whether you are visiting Guyana for its budding eco-tourism or are accompanying a loved one to the villages, these foods are not to be missed on your Guyanese vacation.

1. Guyanese Pepper Pot 

Pepper Pot is my favorite food on the planet. This stew is made with whatever meats you eat and it takes two days to do it up right. Whether the mythologies are true and you can’t double dip a spoon or the dish will spoil is up for debate. There is no debating, however, how delicious Guyanese Pepper Pot truly is.

2. Guyana’s Metegee

Guyana's Metegee

I didn’t know until recently that the mix of Guyanese starches called ground provisions was called Metegee. I only knew that the popular book Metegee by Ovid Abrams spoke about the blend of Guyana’s cultural history. Similarly, Metegee blends Guyanese foods for a staple that will keep you full and nourished on your travels.

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3. Guyanese Polouri

Polouri is a ball of spiced dough that you dip into a tamarind sauce. Don’t even think of comparing any polouri you find in America with real Guyanese polouri. The polouri here is high on dough low on flavor. Real Guyanese Polouri however is another matter. Yum.

4. GT Lo Mein

In addition to its African, Indian and Amerindian peoples you will find Chinese people and food in Guyana. When I was growing up there was a Chinese Guyanese restaurant right in Queens, New York. Guyanese Lo Mein only shares a name and maybe noodles however with its Chinese counterpart. Guyanese Lo Mein is hot, spicy and delicious.

5. Guyanese Curry Channa

You know Channa as chick peas. In Guyana Channa is a staple. My parents have not only mastered the art of Curry Channa but they can make Channa in many different ways. Don’t forget the cumin and onions. That will give your Curry Channa Chick Peas its zing.