Raised in a digital world, the new stars on the online firmament are far from what we learned to recognize as celebrities or public figures. Nowadays, success can knock at your door from one day to the next, all the way up from anonymity. That’s not the objective in most of the cases, but it happens. Young people on their 20s (maybe more) become overwhelmingly popular without having the time to understand the phenomenon they are experiencing. Generally, blogs or YouTube channels are their tools as they all have something in common: they try to air their views on the world, on what they feel, think or desire.

Success might go unnoticed for bloggers. On the other hand, video-bloggers gain such visibility that their life changes as a result of the uncontrollable fame. Featuring a peculiar humor (and nearly childish and incomprehensible for many people), they are true idols that move multitudes, to such an extent that brands and advertisers pay attention to any mention that could bring about good dividends. This is a selection of some of the most popular bloggers and video-bloggers in the region.



This Mexican young lady –whose real name is Mariand Castrejon- is 21 years old and she plays the leading role in one of YouTube’s most popular channels throughout Latin America, since she has uploaded her famous beauty and makeup tutorial videos over the past five years. In spite of her wealthy revenues, contracts with brands, over 10 million subscribers and more than 700 million visits to her videos, she admitted that her fashion and makeup knowledge is the result of reading magazines and watching TV shows. Yuya has already written a book (“Yuya’s Secrets” with Editoral Planeta) and she has Aquinomemaquillo channel, where she talks and shares stories with her brother “Fichis”.


Polemic and controversial, Gabriel Montriel, alias “Werevertumorro”, is an icon of the video-blogger phenomenon in Mexico, along with Yuya. Since 2011, 27-year-old Gabriel, a fan of soccer and electronic music, has been uploading videos that combine reflection, drama, entertainment and polemic with the irreverent and sarcastic style that characterizes him. “Werevertumorro Show” has not only turned him into a famous figure in Mexico, but the whole Latin America. Due to the kind of contents he tackles and his style, Montriel is usually involved in controversies and polemics. One of these recent situations was related to his brief presence in the Mexican soccer league –specifically with Murcielagos de Guamuchil– in order to fulfill his desire of playing soccer at professional level. After suffering an injury that stopped him from playing in any official game, the video-blogger left the team.


Sabina Hernández

Designer Sabina Hernandez –along with her sister- leads Te lo dije nena, a portal that undoubtedly stands as the most popular fashion blog in Argentina. Te lo dije nena, was launched in 2011 to shed light on its creators’ philosophy and sense of fashion. The project began in an informal way, but it has presently become an inspiration space when it comes to looking for looks, ideas and tips for a train of followers that visit it on a daily basis so as to share their passion for fashion. After four years setting trends, these sisters are currently described as benchmarks in the fashion and style realm.

Julián Serrano

Some years ago, Julian Serrano (21) made incursions into YouTube by posting videos with personal contents and messages, which progressively attracted followers until he became a true idol, almost overnight. Nowadays, Julian Serrano counts on over a million subscribers on his channel. The passion among his followers (who call themselves “serranistas”) reached such a level that famous TV producer Cris Morena invited him to “Aliados”, one of the recent proposals for adolescents on Argentinean TV, where he crowned his success and popularity. Nowadays, Julian is making incursions into the singing world and he’s working on his first solo album.



Most of the people have already heard of German Garmendia, the 24-year-old man that literally revolutionized the history of YouTube and stands as the absolute king of video-bloggers. In 2011 he decided to start posting humorous videos to his profile on the social network, but he never imagined what would happen next: over 22 million followers, being labeled the third most popular channel of the world and –according to figures provided by Social Blade- a scandalous market success. German knows how to make the most of it. The estimates show that each video he uploads on a weekly basis surpasses 10 million reproductions, which entails incomes between 172.600 and 2.8 million dollars a year.


Toya Viudes

People say that with Colombia de una blog, Spanish Toya Viudes is contributing to change the image of Colombia around the world. The travel blogger created the blog basically because she got tired of seeing and reading the classic topics on the country. So she decided that, while she travels throughout Colombia with her notebook and camera, she would tell the world the truth about the country where she has lived for over two years, and she’s in love with it.

“I invite you to follow me on this travel blog dedicated to Colombia, and fall in love with this country that has a lot to offer and nothing to do with the things you’ve been told” she says on her bio. Among the contents you can find food recipes, friends and adventures.

Juan Pablo Jaramillo

He is another Youtube star in Latin America, but his history became popular after an announcement that marked a change in his life. Six years ago he had begun to upload videos on his daily life between Bogota and Mexico, some pieces of advice, vacations, songs with his cousin and humor. His popularity gained momentum after he decided to openly talk about his homosexual condition in a video that was a true bomb on the Internet. His channel now counts on over one million and half subscribers, and Juan Pablo won the Fashionista of the Year prize given by the MTV Millennial Awards and he was nominated to the Digital Icon of the Year prize. Moreover, Juan Pablo launched his book entitled “La edad de la verdad (The Age of Truth)” and he’s working with the UN on “Metele Mente” campaign.