The Couture Council awarded this Wednesday to one of the most distinguished fashion designers, Carolina Herrera (Caracas, 1939), with the Award for Artistry of Fashion. The fashion designer wanted to prevent “fashion victims”:” Think a little. It is better being well dressed than weird.”

The Venezuelan fashion designer, adopted by the exclusive neighborhood Upper East Side has become the “fifth essence” of sophistication, saw how all the fashion professionals honored her al Lincoln Center in a ceremony that was held a day before to start The Fashion Week.

In the feast in her honor, Herrera shared with her fashion designers Friends Oscar de la Renta and Ralph Lauren, among others, and she did not hesitate dressing White “because is the color for special occasions, like this”, she said.

“This is not another award. This is an Award that fascinates me,” assured the fashion designer, who feels very proud with her work and her life and Friends. “They have always been my friends and I used to dress their designs before I became a designer”, she admitted.

Carolina Herrera started in the fashion industry relatively late and the President of the Institute of Fashion Technology, Joyce F. Brown, says that “Carolina is a living proof that life for women starts at the 40s, because that was the age in which she reinvented herself as a fashion designer.”

Besides, Brown expressed she found the secret of elegance “and exquisite elegance and an everlasting style and sofistication,” by offering to the women the possibility to dress elegant and comfortable in big ocassions and everyday life.

For the Director of the Museum Board of couture at the Institute of Fashion Technology , Valire Steele, “like Coco Chanel, Carolina Herrera became famous for creating beautiful and elegant dresses she wears. She is her best model and many women want to look like her.”

The fashion designer revealed that her only secret to be always well dressed is not to be with the latest trends but looking for the style. “Women have to be very aware of what is good for them, what fits them. Not because is very fashion they have to wear something does not work for the figure,” she affirmed.