The Caribbean, generally linked to leisure and tourism, has emerged in recent years as an interesting ecosystem of entrepreneurship in the digital field.

The Caribbean countries, especially Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados, are acquiring a growing role in Latin America’s startups ecosystem. Jamaica, in particular, is considered one of the best countries to do business in Latin America and the Caribbean. The same thing happens in Guyana, where an important hub of technology startups is emerging and it has made an interesting transition to evolve from traditional consulting-based businesses to digital products and service portfolios.

The small Guyana also has in favor the fact that it is the only South American country whose official language is English, which facilitates its foray into a business world that primarily speaks English. In recent years, the technology sector has also expanded with local businesses focused on providing based-on-technology-and-internet solutions of things to improve efficiency and life quality.

In contrast, Jamaica is also the third most populous Anglophone country in the American continent (after the United States and Canada) with a technological startups ecosystem that is driven by a new generation of young talents and entrepreneurs willing to break into the market. We have chosen ten Caribbean startups that reflect the dynamic moment that their entrepreneurial ecosystem lives.


This startup founded in Jamaica has developed an interesting wireless solution for electrical service meters that consists of a device that is easy to use and install and that is incorporated into a web / mobile application that comes with it. According to its creators, the best products for cars manufacturer, PCs and consumers around the world inspired the elegant design of its hardware.


Its own name explains well what it consists of: StartupRobot is a platform that aims to facilitate the creation and incorporation of companies into the startups ecosystem. The solution uses shorter and simpler forms and streamlines other processes to do business in Jamaica.


The CrimeBot cellphone app is aimed at fighting crime. It provides users with anonymous crime reports and confirmation reports from the user to verify incoming reports. Other features that stand out in its application are interactive maps and critical points that cover a variety of communities and countries.


NotesMaster is an electronic learning platform that allows students and educators from different countries to learn and share materials, using frames of reference from similar programs that reflect their own curriculum. The company currently operates in Caribbean and African markets.


The MediRevu cellphone health app allows users to keep up with their diet, exercise and medication schedules by sharing their health plans with their doctors, family and friends. The solution streamlines the entire patient management process, from scheduling appointments to records or managing workflows.


Guyana’s startup weOwnSpace offers a comfortable and affordable space for users to collaborate, organize networks, study or hold a conference. The facilities are equipped with high-speed internet, backup power, air conditioning, outdoor seating, a kitchen, basic services. It is a pioneering coworking space in the area.


InnoSys develops business processes and management applications that are offered as software for companies’ services. The platform offers human resources, payroll management, purchase and inventory, pharmacy administration, medical inventory system and functionality of the electronic health record system.


Version75 won Guyana’s Hackathon 2016 with its app for incident reports, known as Tell. Now Version75 continues working on new projects and scenarios to show its app’s progress, aimed primarily at companies in Guyana, young talent from the technology sector and other users.


A Talk with Ricardo Gowdie from el BID – the IDB on Vimeo.

RevoFarm is a business analysis platform that aims to help Jamaican farmers improve their agricultural operations. The solution helps users improve efficiency and productivity by advising them when, where and what to plant.

JA ++

Ja ++ is a leading digital agency in web design and strategy specialized in personalized software, web development and digital marketing solutions. The company also offers LinkUp, a cellphone social media app focused on the Caribbean that provides geofenced community centers.