Our startup stories now give us Jompéame, a startup launched in 2013 and described as the first online crowdfunding for social causes in the Dominican Republic.

PanamericanWorld talked to Katherine Motyka, CEO of Jompéame, who shared details on the creation of the startup, its goals, future planes, as well as tips.

When was Jompéame launched?

We were born within the framework of a Startup Weekend, back in August 2013. In this event, during 54 hours, you develop a business idea, get connected to a team, test the idea and its feasibility until you create the real prototype. Jompéame.com’s main goal is to change lives, we want to be a helping hand for those who have nobody to count on.

How does this startup work?

Throughout this time, we have gained a community of people that are willing to help, they point out causes to fight for, they tag us and get us in contact with other people. Our team of volunteers verify the cause, the story is uploaded to the platform and every need is specified. Then, people have the opportunity to make donations and, once it is done, we deliver it and post an update on our networks and website.

What have been the main outcomes?

We have raised over 6 million Dominican pesos and championed more than 150 causes, with the support provided by 7,541 donors. Our work has been recognized by the TIC Américas and we were nominated to the National Youth Award, but our biggest achievement has been related to the help and hope given to thousands of people in our country.

What other plans do you have for 2017?

We want to strengthen our presence in the Dominican Republic as the first and most important online fundraising platform for social causes. Moreover, we are looking forward to having global scope, thus changing stories and drawing smiles around the world, by bringing people together with a common goal: helping those who need it the most.

How do you feel the startup ecosystem in the Dominican Republic?

It is growing on a daily basis. There are several groups and programs where young people and entrepreneurs-to-be can learn and get in touch with experienced people, though we have to deal with the lack of access to the capital.


5 tips to be shared with other startups?

Develop the sense of urgency: It entails doing things now, instead of tomorrow. Everything should’ve been done by yesterday.

Find what truly fascinates you: Loving what you do is what will push you beyond your limitations and failures.

Team: A startup can be based on a good idea, but if the team doesn’t have what it takes to implement it, the possibilities of making it are low. Every result comes out of the actions developed by each member of the team.

Persistence: There are countless meetings, calls, creation sessions, ideas, prototypes, campaigns and emails that didn’t work out, yet. Don’t give up.

Optimism: This is the secret. Take what did work and repeat it, take what went wrong and learn, but never put optimism aside. Trust yourself and everything you can achieve.


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