Kind of late if compared to such markets as the US and Europe, Latin American startups have found in the sustainable and eco-friendly market a way to increase people’s awareness of ecological matters and generate profitable businesses.

From Mexico to Argentina, the following six examples are making the difference in the region.


Created by Juan Carlos Guaqueta, the company suggests applying biological treatment to sewage in order to remove the contamination and reuse the water for toilets, agricultural systems and irrigation.

AcuaCare won the PepsiCo award to the Development with Purpose and it was included in IDB’s list of 16 innovative companies in 2014.

Why is it an innovative solution? Since it needs no chemical elements (it uses earthworms and microorganisms) the energy consumption is very low and no expert is required to implement it.


A platform aimed at having users suggesting and sharing their green actions so a “contagious” effect is triggered. As a reward, they get a number of points that can be traded for real prizes in the future.

The idea, according to the group of entrepreneurs headed by Sylvia Chebi, came out of a conversation among friends interested in raising sustainable awareness.

Why is it an innovative idea? The idea puts its bet on social networks and the sharing phenomenon, in an effort to foster environmental actions and awareness.


Rodrigo Herrera Vegas and Daniel Nofal launched this company devoted to providing pragmatic and sustainable solutions in terms of renewable energy, such as solar panels, wind generators, solar installations or thermal-tanks.

Why is it an innovative idea? Besides putting on the table practical and specific solutions to take good care of the environment, it increases environmental awareness by means of different channels and platforms.

The company features a very-popular blog that is followed by over one million people, in which you can find simple and common eco-friendly solutions, an ecological online store where eco-bikes can be acquired, a platform where sustainability experts can be hired and there is a foundation that promotes ecological awareness.


Rodrigo Coquis’ startup tackles the global problem caused by cars and the emission of noxious gases. The system produces an additive that is applied to the fuel and generates a greener combustion. The fuel performance is improved and gases expelled by cars can be reused to generate more energy. It was one of the winners of “2014 To Take your Hat off” contest.

Why is it an innovative idea? It’s a state-of-the-art technology in terms of the use of cutting-edge nanotechnology.


The mobile app created by Andres Luongo and Sebastian Luongo is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone and it delivers sustainable contents. It also awards prizes to users that spread such sustainable actions as carpooling, biking, recycling, fair trade, etc.

The app successfully raised 15 thousand USD on Indiegogo –the most important crowdfunding platform worldwide, along with Kickstarter- one week after the agreed period. It presently counts on over 12 thousand users in nearly 11 countries of the region and US.

Why is it an innovative idea? It’s the first app to be certified a B company in Latin America. Companies included in this category establish a balance between benefit and social impact, beyond the incomes as a company.


Headed by entrepreneurs Enrique Gonzalez and Flavio Siller, this solution is highly innovative despite of being an everyday matter. The team developed a way to make the most of peels and seeds of fruits, which are usually wasted, and turn them into raw material for the processed food industry so as to obtain cheaper products, with functionality and nutritional characteristics. It was also awarded by the IDB in 2014.

Why is it an innovative idea? Producers are estimated to save 5 – 12 percent in terms of expenses and the quality of products is improved.