Throughout this year, the Startup Chile program organized an event with the top ten startups from every industry so they could exhibit their project in front different investors and companies.

The startups participating in the contest were all based in Chile, although not all of them were members of the Startup Chile program. After the pitches, the judges—who were connected to specific industries—handpicked the winning startup.

Some of the elements taken into consideration by the jury, when it came to identifying the winning startup, were the business model, market, team, traction and innovation of the product/service.

These were the best startups in Startup Chile:


This startup proposes the online search of long-distance buses, which allows users compare prices and itineraries among the main bus operators in Chile. This services gives the possibility to select the best trip according to every user’s preferences, since it can be filtered by price, itinerary and quality.


This startup helps Chilean citizens show banks and trade houses that they do pay, so they can get fair credit terms, according to their risk profile. The service can be very useful, since the credit assessment process doesn’t reward the Chilean people for having been responsible in the past. This information falls into oblivion and the citizens are affected, because they then have to postpone family and personal projects.


This is a website where people sell and buy secondhand clothes. You can create your profile and upload pictures of your clothes. Moreover, you can edit the prices. The buyers pay to the startup, which notifies the product sale.


This startup is an asset management platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). It connects sensors to the equipment and develops a smart and real-time monitoring of such variables as temperature, humidity, pressure, location, operation, etc. When a variable is beyond the limit, an alert is issued and an emergency task is generated.


The startup was founded in 2009 as a response to the interest of three Biotechnology engineers in research and scientific development as a tool to generate solutions at industrial level and increase the value of Chilean products with the aim on domestic consumption and exports. The startup’s goal is to create biotechnology-based technologies with the possibility to add new functions to the animal and human consumption food, thus providing solutions to the most important problems of the industry and production.


VACuCh is an antibacterial device, made of copper to fight mastitis in bovines. This startup was created by Nicolas Morelli and Juan Ignacio Ojeda, from the Federico Santa Maria Technical University. Among its main achievements, it won the Jump Chile 2013 National Startup Contest and it was ranked among the top 10 projects of the Brain UC 2015 Program (presently known as Brain Chile). Moreover, this startup is incubated by Austral Incuba and supported by Corfo.


Efizity is a service startup in the energy-efficiency and sustainability area, launched in 2014. The startup is made up of 20 professionals from different fields, such as engineering, architecture and construction. That multidisciplinary team delivers comprehensive solutions for customers from the real estate, market, industry and energy sectors.


This startup is based on the idea that talking is the best way to learn a second language. Poliglota is the first language social network around the world. The startup’s community comprises hosts that lead language exchange groups who meet face-to-face in cafés, bars and parks in over 300 cities in 4 continents.


Livn is a smart irrigation system, so users can save up to 60 percent of water. To do so, the system uses climate information and data provided by its sensors in order to automatically program the watering. The startup also proposes to control the irrigation from any part of the world by means of a mobile app.