Venezuela is putting all its hope on the 350-athlete national delegation that is going to participate in the 17th Pan-American Games, to take place in Toronto. As part of the training and qualification process, this country ranked 3rd in Chile 10th South American Games and 4th in Veracruz 22nd Central American and Caribbean Games.

During the previous event, Venezuela conquered 72 positions (12 gold medals, 27 silvers and 33 bronzes), thus ranking 8th in the final qualification for 2011 Guadalajara.

We know that the competition is intense and we shed light on 5 of the most experienced athletes that are going to travel to Canada and do their best to have golden results in their respective disciplines.

Carlos Claverie

Age: 18

Discipline: Swimming

Specialty: 50, 100 and 200 meter breaststroke

In 2014 he got his best result in Nanjing 2nd Junior Olympic Games, where he won three medals and stood out as the first Venezuelan triple Olympic medalist in the history of national sport (with his achievement he surpassed Adriana Carmona and young swimmer Cristian Quintero).

In Nanjing, the Venezuelan athlete got two silver medals in 200 and 50 meter breaststroke and one bronze in 100 meter breaststroke. As for Pan-American competitions, Claverie participated in 100 and 200 meter breaststroke, and 4×100 combined relay in Guadalajara 16th Pan-American Games, when he was only 15 years old.

Robeilys Peinado

Age: 17

Discipline: Athletics

Specialty: Pole vault

Among the main achievements in her career, she won the gold medal in the World Athletics Championship (under 18), carried out in Ukraine, with 4 meters and 25 centimeters. Peinado holds four national records, three South Americans, three Pan-Americans, as well as three Central American and Caribbean records. She has also established national and South American records (under23 category), in junior, minor and senior categories in Venezuela. During the past Nanjing Junior Olympic Games, the young athlete got the silver medal with a 4.10-meter jump.

Andreína Pinto

Age: 23

Discipline: Swimming

Specialty: 800 meters.

Nowadays, she is undoubtedly the best Venezuelan swimmer and one of the finest in the South American and Caribbean area. In 2014, she took a gold bath as she won five gold medals in Chile South American Games (200, 400 and 800 meters freestyle, 200 butterfly and 400 combined), as well as two silver medals in 4×100 freestyle relay and 4×200 freestyle); while in Veracruz Central American and Caribbean Games she was the best swimmer, with six gold medals in 200, 400 and 800 meters freestyle, 200 and 400 combined and 200 butterfly, as well as bronze in 4×100 combined.

In 2011 Guadalajara Pan-American Games she won silver medals in 400 meters freestyle and bronze in 800 and 200 meters. Since she hasn’t been the continental champion, Pinto is looking forward to reach the glory in 2015 Toronto. In 2012 London Games, she got an Olympic title and stood among the best eight swimmers of the world in 800 meters.

Junior Sánchez

Age: 25

Discipline: Weightlifting

Category: 77kg.

This Venezuelan athlete is the present South American weightlifting champion, 77 kilogram division, after the past 2014 Santiago Games, when he set a new record.

Throughout his seven years in the national team, his career in the Olympic circuit includes one title in his first Olympic Games (2012 London), after his fifth position in the 69 kg division, and one silver medal in 2011 Guadalajara Pan-American Games, where he lifted 310 kilograms and qualified right behind Venezuelan Israel Rubio.

In 2014 Central American and Caribbean Games, Sanchez won the gold medal in clean & jerk 77 kg. During the past Weightlifting World Championship, held in Kazakhstan, he ranked eleventh with 334 kg.

Stefany Hernández

Age: 23

Discipline: Cycling

Specialty: BMX

During the previous participation of the cyclo-cross athlete in Pan-American Games, she fractured her ankle as she had a fall when training in 2011 Guadalajara.

In 2014, the Venezuelan athlete stood in the fifth position of the International Cycle League’s world ranking, totaling 1,115 points. Her performance in the Central American and Caribbean Games, putting an end to the 2014 Olympic cycle, gave a silver medal, after Olympic champion Mariana Pajon, from Colombia.

In 2015 Toronto Games these names are going to be joined by prestigious Antonio Diaz (karate), Albert Subirats (swimming), Ruben Limardo (fencing), Miguel Ubeto (cycling), Daniela Larreal (cycling), Gabriel Mestre (boxing), Jessica Lopez (gymnastics) and Yeisy Piña (karate), just to mention some of the most experienced Venezuelan athletes in terms of Pan-American Games.