The last time the Mexican team reached the quarter finals in a World Cup was 32 years ago. At the moment, most of the players who play for the 2018 version of the most followed sports event of the planet were not born yet.

Once again, for more than three decades, the three-color team (TRI) has failed in the trial to reach the exclusive fifth game, which means to be in the position of the eight best of the Cup. The always-painful defeats have come in different ways and given by different opponents: in 1994, they were defeated by Bulgaria in the penalties; in 1998, they were 15 minutes about to defeat Germany; in 2002, they were the favorite playing against the USA and they lost 2-0; in 2006, a goal of the Argentinian Maxi Rodriguez, during the extra time, put an end to the Mexican dreams; in 2010,  the Argentinian team got it easily in Johannesburg and; in 2014, it was even worse because the Dutchmen scored two goals in the last minutes and left millions of Mexicans mouth opened.

Could the history of the National Team (TRI) change in the World Cup to be held in Russia? The manager of the selection, the Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio, thinks so and to get the desired result, he hopes that the soccer players who play for the European Leagues have a key role. Many of them play second fiddles in their clubs; however, the constant training and competition regime has made these Mexicans to show a very good physical condition. “Their clubs have not let them go, and that is my main point to debate about my position. If their clubs do not let them go, it is because they are highly appreciated and it depends on them to get the best training and to fight for a chance to play their position. I bet a lot more for this than telling you to go to another club or minor league, I prefer to invite the players to give their best and they should have their chance”, Osorio said in a press conference.

Who are the Mexican soccer players that play in Europe that might give an impulse to the aspirations of the National Team in the world cup of Russia 2018? PanamericanWorld shares a list of ten players who are most likely to be included among the 23 Osorio would choose.


“Chuky”, this 22 year-old guy is unquestionably regular of PSV Eindhoven. After shining in the Mexican Pachuca, he was transferred to a Dutch club, where he signed a contract for six seasons. His excellent performance and his goals have made him become one of the favorites of the fans of the PSV. In National Team he has played 24 matches, in which he has scored seven times.


The captain of the National Team, 31 years old, has found himself in playing for Betis, where he is also regular, thanks, especially, to his values as player, because he can perform as left interior or as a contention means. He has played in different clubs in Europe (Valence, Bayer Leverkusen, PSV). For 11 years he has played 144 matches for the National Team and he has 25 goals and two Golden World Cups (2011 y 2015). Russia will be a chance to try to get the fourth World Cup because he was also part of the team in the editions of 2006, 2010, and 2014.


Porto has not got a good season in the Portuguese league, but he has been there for five years and has shown a very good performance. With the National Team, he has played 63 matches in which he has scored five goals and has two Golden Prizes: The 2012 London Olympic Games, and the 2015 Gold Cup.  He played in the Brazil World Cup in 2014, and, for sure, he is in Osorio´s plans for Russia 2018.


“Chicharito” has been the most outstanding Mexican soccer player in the European leagues. In his career, he has been in emblematic clubs like: Real Madrid and Manchester United, where he got five titles. In his current team, the West Ham of the premier league, he has played for a few minutes, something that logically worries him, and Osorio.

To reach the quarter finals in Russia, it would be essential that Chicharito gets there in the best possible shape, because he is the main offensive referent of the team. He is part of the National Team since 2009, where he has played 99 matches and he has scored 49 goals and two participations in World Cups (2010 and 2014).


The “Titán” could be another one appointed by Osorio for the World Cup in Russia. This season, in Frankfurt, the Bundesleague, this Mexican of 24 years of age has participated in 15 matches with a mean of 77 minutes playing. His main position is central defense, although he can also play right lateral. In the National Team he has played 16 matches and his most important tournament, so far, has been the Confederations Cup of 2017.


This goal keeper has played for different clubs in Europe (Ajaccio, Granada, Málaga). Now he plays for Standard Lieja in Belgium. In spite of the many goals received, most of them due to the very poor defense of his club, “Memo” is still in Osorio´s plans for the World Cup. He is 32 years old, he has played as goalkeeper 90 matches of the National Team in thirteen years and he has participated in three World Cups(2006, 2010 y 2014), although he only was regular in Brazil.


After playing in Atletico de Madrid for a year, Jimenez was transferred in 2015 to the Portuguese team Benefica; although he is not at the best moment in the club, where he is not regular any more in this season, he has participated in 29 matches of different competitions, and he has scored three goals. In spite of the evident coming down, probably Osorio includes this front-center player in the list of 23 players appointed. Jimenez has played 61 matches with the National Team, where he has scored 13 goals.


Layun started the season in Porto, but there he played second fiddle most of the time, to the point that he only played 303 minutes, so he surely got as good news that he would be lent to Sevilla, in the Spanish League. For his aspirations to play in Russia, it would be crucial that his new club plays a more leading role. Since 2013, he is a member of the National Team, where he has played 60 matches and has scored in four occasions.


A decade ago, Moreno left Pumas heading out to Alkmaar, in the Holland League. In ten years, this central defense has played in different clubs (Español, PSV) and now plays for Rome, in Italy. In the capital of Italy, it has been difficult for him to count minutes and this could be a trouble; but, the same as for other Mexicans who play in Europe, Osorio has trusted his physical preparation and could appoint him to participate in the World Cup. Moreno has been in the National Team for 12 years and has played 89 matches where he has scored three goals.


Two years ago, Fabian arrived in Frankfurt, coming from Guadalajara. In his first season he had a good appearance. But a pain in his back has stopped him from playing this season. If he could recover in the first two months of 2018, then he could enter Osorio´s plans for the World Cup. He has participated in 35 matches and scored eight goals since 2012 with the Mexican selection..