2023 was a groundbreaking year for Latina achievement across industries. From business to entertainment to activism, these leaders leveraged their platforms to empower communities and catalyze change. Their barrier-breaking journeys demonstrate the power of representation, resilience and unity.

Business Innovators Carve New Paths

In the corporate world, Latinas assumed top positions at major companies, bringing fresh perspective to the C-suite.

Carla Vernón Makes History at The Honest Company

Appointed CEO of The Honest Company in early 2023, Carla Vernón became the first ever Afro-Latina chief executive of a publicly traded firm. Her appointment represents a major milestone, given Latinas’ historical underrepresentation in business leadership roles.

Vernón drew on her past experience leading Johnson & Johnson’s environmental health brands to drive sustainable growth at The Honest Company. Under her guidance, the consumer goods company saw record-breaking revenues in 2022. Vernón is committed to leveraging her role to increase representation and mentor young women of color.

Entertainment Icons Amplify Latino Voices

Prominent Latinas in the arts and media created acclaimed films, shows and music that proudly spotlighted the Latino experience on a global scale.

Eva Longoria Debuts as Film Director

Eva Longoria expanded her entertainment career in 2022, moving successfully into directing. She helmed the biopic “Flamin’ Hot” about Richard Montañez, the Frito-Lay janitor who created Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Longoria also directed food travelogue series “Searching for Mexico,” exploring the country’s regional cuisines.

Both projects demonstrate Longoria’s dedication to sharing nuanced Latino stories with mass audiences. She leveraged her star power in Hollywood to provide a platform for Hispanic voices.

Shakira’s Triumphant Musical Comeback

After splitting with soccer star Gerard Piqué in 2022, Shakira channeled her emotions into a album of female empowerment anthems. Joining forces with cutting-edge artists like Rauw Alejandro and Bizarrap, the Colombian icon topped charts across the globe. She broke her own record for most Latin Billboard wins by a female artist.

Shakira’s musical resurgence shows how creativity and resilience can transform painful personal experiences into art that inspires fans worldwide.

Political Progress Through Latino Advocacy

In the civic arena, Latina advocates organized for change, elevating the Latino community’s interests across pressing policy issues.

America Ferrera’s Ongoing Impact for Latinos

Award-winning actress America Ferrera has spent over a decade leveraging her public profile to benefit marginalized groups. In 2022, she received the Jane Fonda Humanitarian Award for her activism supporting women, immigrants and Latinos.

Ferrera’s organization Poderistas spotlights Latina activists and encourages civic participation across the US. Through storytelling and grassroots action, she empowers her community to drive social progress.

The Next Generation Rises

While 2023 saw landmark accomplishments from Latina pioneers, an emerging wave of young leaders is already following in their footsteps. They are expanding Latinx representation across disciplines, guided by those who came before them. With renewed momentum around diversity and inclusion, the future looks bright for rising Latina talents to fulfill their potential as changemakers.

The achievements of 2023’s Latina groundbreakers will resonate for generations. Their barrier-breaking journeys have carved new paths for Latinas to lead, create, and uplift their communities. They lit the way forward through resilience, empowerment and pride in their heritage.