Latin America’s startup ecosystem is booming with innovative companies solving key problems and leading the way in sectors like fintech, healthtech, proptech, and more. As we enter 2024, here are 10 standout startups to keep an eye on across the region.

Uils – Financial Services for Gig Workers (Argentina)

Uils has developed a smart solution to meet the financial needs of gig economy workers in Latin America. Their app provides a mobile wallet with a virtual account that enables users to receive earnings from different gig apps seamlessly.

What makes Uils unique is their use of machine learning to analyze a driver’s history and estimate the type of loan or credit line they may qualify for. This allows gig workers instant access to credit or financing that can be hard to obtain from traditional institutions.

Mattilda – Cloud Tuition Payments (Mexico)

Mattilda is tackling the antiquated systems still used for tuition payments at many Latin American schools. Their cloud-based platform allows schools to easily create and manage payment requests digitally.

Parents can then make quick tuition payments through the platform using various methods. This cuts down long cash collection times for schools and eliminates hassles for parents.

Legria – Shared Vacation Home Ownership (Chile)

Legria provides a creative way to make luxury vacation home ownership more accessible through sharing. Their model allows multiple investors to jointly purchase and share expenses for high-end properties.

This approach maximizes usage as different owners can occupy the home during allotted times. It ensures efficient utilization of resources and enables a unique shared investment in desirable destinations.

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Apprenty – Bridging the Skills Gap (Brasil)

Apprenty aims to address the disparity between academic learning and skills needed for digital jobs that disadvantages many youths and job seekers across Latin America.

Their platform provides a simulated work environment to help young talents gain career-ready abilities. Apprenty also uses data analytics to identify overlooked potentials not recognized through traditional recruiting.

Mobees – Advertising for Rideshares (Brasil)

Mobees merges mobile advertising with rideshare services for a mutually beneficial model. Rideshare drivers can display digital ads on LED panels installed in their vehicles to earn supplementary income without extra driving time.

For businesses, Mobees provides targeted exposure to urban commuters at a granular level. This presents an innovative advertising channel reaching specialized demographics.

Choiz – Healthtech Home Delivery (Argentina)

The healthtech startup Choiz is streamlining access to medications in Latin America through their online home delivery service. Users can get their prescription drugs delivered directly to their door and set up automatic refill reminders before running out.

This provides much-needed convenience and solves issues like long pharmacy waits that patients commonly encounter across the region.

DolarApp – Dollar-Based Financial Services (Mexico)

DolarApp aims to overcome the challenges of volatile local currencies and limited dollar access faced by many Latin Americans. Their app enables seamless conversions between local currency and digital USD.

Key features include earning interest on USD savings, sending instant USD payments abroad, and wielding a dollar-denominated card. This provides greater financial flexibility and stability.

MeCubro – On-Demand Insurance (Argentina)

MeCubro is expanding insurance access across Latin America with their on-demand, micro-insurance products. Their platform allows users to purchase targeted coverage for specific needs that activates only on the days used.

This pay-as-you-go model provides affordable, customized protection for users previously underserved by traditional providers. The app delivers the policies instantly 24/7 through digital channels.

Tul – Construction Materials Procurement (Colombia)

Tul aims to overhaul inefficient business-to-business interactions within Colombia’s construction industry using their procurement app.

The platform consolidates purchasing channels so builders can manage all supplier relationships and orders seamlessly. This simplifies once-complicated processes and reduces delays for construction companies.

Alima – Digital Produce Sourcing (Mexico)

Alima tackles the complex world of fresh food sourcing for restaurants, hotels, and food service businesses across Latin America. Their platform digitizes the procurement process using data analytics.

Vendors coordinate orders and deliveries on the centralized, AI-optimized system. This removes time-intensive tasks and gives businesses access to fresher, higher-quality ingredients.

An Exciting Outlook for Latin Startups

As these startups demonstrate, from fintech innovations to proptech and foodtech advancements, Latin America is a hotbed of emerging companies solving local problems with global applications.

These startups show the region’s entrepreneurial drive and potential to lead in impactful technologies. We can expect exciting developments from these companies and the broader startup ecosystem as Latin America continues rising.