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Category: Travel and culture-Cuba

Travel and culture

Trips to Cuba: A Cracked Pathway for Americans 

The talks between Havana and Washington promise to be long and quite complicated, because of the deep differences in terms of economy and human rights; but while the politicians try to see eye to eye, the contact between two people that are physically separated by only 90 miles, but five decades away, seems to be an unstoppable process.

Travel and culture

La Habana is Full of Smoke 

As in its previous editions, the XVI edition of the festival proposed to its participants- who paid an enrolment quota higher than 1400 CUC(1 USD = 0,87 CUC)- a wide program that included a visits to tobacco crops in Pinar del Río, and tobacco fabrics in La Habana, a master class in the cigar twisting, the usual international contest Habanosommelier, and as a novelty, the first competition in obtaining the biggest piece of ash.