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USA: Where are the Hispanic executives?

Many organizations have prioritized workplace equality and access to high-paying, executive level jobs for minority groups in recent years. Several 2020 presidential candidates are putting forward plans to increase minority executive positions by diversifing corporate boards, punishing companies with poor diversity track records and increasing funding for minority-led business institutions. However, according to our own 2019 analysis, white men still hold the majority of […]

Startups that Help Immigrants Move Forward in the United States

Things are increasingly harder for immigrants in the United States. The anti-immigration policies of  Donald Trump and his ever hostile rhetoric towards Latin American migrants have generated a climate of great tension. The recent attack in a mall in El Paso, Texas, where 22 people were killed, has been the most dramatic expression of a […]

Five Latino startups that are Succeeding in the United States

Ramona Ortega is the founder and CEO of My Money My Future, a financial technology company focused on Latinas and Millennials in the United States that allows them to manage their money with reliability.

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