Cuban Entrepreneurs, a New Beginning with Joe Biden?

In November 2019,  Oniel  Díaz, co-founder of Auge, a  strategic consultancy group for business in Cuba, arrived at the U.S. Congress.  In the offices of Republican and Democratic congressmen, he presented the results of an investigation he conducted among Cuban entrepreneurs on the impact of the policies implemented by the Trump administration on Cuba’s private […]

“La Penúltima Casa” is the Digital Home of Cuban Entrepreneur Katia Sanchez

The Cuban entrepreneur Katia Sanchez found herself at a crossroads. Since 2015 she had worked with state institutions, first for the Ministry of Justice and then for the CubaSí page, but she wanted to do something of her own. In 2019 she created the blog La Penúltima Casa, a space to share knowledge about digital […]

Cryptocurrencies in Cuba, the Path Entrepreneurs are taking to Avoid the Blockade

For many world citizens, accessing Visa or MasterCard credit and/or debit cards or even payment systems, such as PayPal or Stripe may be something very common. Not for Cubans. Prevented from accessing the traditional global financial system due to restrictions from the United States Embargo, Cuban entrepreneurs have found in cryptocurrencies a route to financial […]

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