How Startups Are Driving Productivity In Latin America Amidst The Global Crisis

In Latin America, growing regional connectivity is leading to an increasing digitalization of work and commerce. Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this increased connectivity by upgrading outdated systems with new business models. As everyday tasks shift online, remote work is also growing in popularity. According to Owl Labs’ Global State of Remote Work, South America had 81 percent more […]

Coronavirus bailouts won’t save Canadian startup workers from layoffs

As financial markets tumble, investors are pulling funding from startups. Sales for anything but bare essentials have evaporated, while progress on product development and market testing has halted for work that requires in-person collaboration. Many existing bailout plans are targeted for larger enterprises in industries like aviation and tourism. While limited resources are explicitly earmarked for […]

The Top Latin American Entrepreneurs of 2019

Entrepreneurship in Latin America is full of good news in 2019. Latin American entrepreneurs have had more opportunities to access financing through venture capital funds and, in general, have found a more favorable framework for their businesses. The volume of investment in the region has increased from 143 million dollars in 2011 to 1.976 million […]

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