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Five Canadian cleantech entrepreneurs you need to know

Our environmental predicament just keeps getting worse. Unprecedented human displacement, increased spread of infectious disease, growing economic inequality and, yes, tornadoes that are on fire. While the script as written suggests a tragic ending, there is good news: the solutions we need to overcome this crisis — tree-planting robots, carbon-capturing concrete, batteries born from brine water — already exist, and […]

Hip-hop is the soundtrack to Black Lives Matter protests, continuing a tradition that dates back to the blues

The sound of Public Enemy’s 1989 song “Fight the Power” blared as face-masked protesters in Washington, D.C. broke into a spontaneous rendition of the electric slide dance near the White House. It was the morning of June 14, and an Instagram user captured the moment, commenting: “If Trump is in the White House this morning he’s being […]

Five Colombian Entrepreneurs you Should Have on the Radar

Alexander Torrenegra is a Colombian entrepreneur recognized in the world, not only for the foundation of the bank of voices Bunny Inc., but for participating in the “Shark Tank Colombia” program.

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