The technology landscape is evolving so rapidly that many businesses struggle to keep up. How to adapt your business sustainably to such development?

Those businesses that are the most technologically advanced are able to utilize the potential of new technologies. They can not only improve their internal operations but also use new technology to promote their products and services, engage with their customers, and grow their sales.

To other businesses, it’s a challenge to maintain and support an environment where all applications and systems are up to date, let alone to innovate. In particular, new technologies for big data, cloud computing, and machine learning are generating problems for businesses that are far from the cutting edge of development.

It’s a common mistake to use a lion’s share of the IT budget for maintaining existing business operations instead of allocating it toward transformational investment.

Consumers, on the other hand, are quick to adopt new technologies. We live in an era when you can find all the information about a product or service, including reviews and complaints, within seconds. It’s thus not surprising that 57 percent of consumers make their purchase decision before even talking to a supplier.

The Internet has made the concept of regular business hours outdated. Businesses need to be accessible to customers all the time now. Those that take advantage of the new tools and technologies prosper and have an edge over the late adopters.

What methods can your business use then to integrate new technologies? Here are 7 useful ways to keep up to date with the latest developments:


First, you need to understand what is the most relevant technology for your company. What is the primary function of your business? Try to identify tools that are most effective for your needs. Consider what kind of needs your business and employees have and which tools would be helpful to achieve your goals.


Many companies find it challenging to adapt to and compete in the changing environment. Based on a recent survey by PwC, 54 percent of companies struggle to align innovation and business strategy. This challenge concerns both small and large businesses, new and established, brick and mortar as well as online stores.

How to increase the effectiveness of your company in the modern marketplace then? To be successful, your company needs the right tools and knowledge to participate in the constant technological learning process. It’s important to focus not only on promotion but also on the interaction with customers, both existing and new ones.


An efficient content marketing strategy should show the skills, knowledge, and achievements of your company. Focus on producing informative content that satisfies your customers and builds your company’s reputation as a trusted authority. Show that your company knows what it’s doing through your content.

High-quality content is a prerequisite for a successful content marketing strategy. After that, you have to find the right technological tools to reach your customers. Do your research to find out which digital platforms your customers are using, and promote your business on those platforms.

First impressions matter. So, make sure that your content is always polished. In case your content could benefit from some editing, there are tools and services that can help you. Take a look at the following:

Grammar Girl – a writing blog that offers useful tips for people who want to improve their writing skills.

Grammarly – a proofreading software that detects common mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style.

Handmade writing – a website focused on writing and editing services that can help you create and edit content.

Readable – a text analysis tool that provides information about the readability of your texts.


Because of limited time, you cannot use all available technological resources. Therefore, you must choose the ones that deliver the most value to your business and are easily accessible. After making your choice, you need to make time to use those resources.

Remember to also keep up to date with possible changes to the technologies your company is using in its daily operations.


Despite your busy schedule, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest developments. Use all channels that are available and can help you stay on top of new technologies. Talk to tech professionals within and outside your company, and follow their blogs and social media to find out what they’re working on.

Getting to know the opinions of your industry leaders is a good way to become inspired, learn about new ideas, and challenge your own beliefs.


Keeping an eye on your competitors has many advantages. It can save your time and money to learn from their mistakes and understand what resonates with your customers. Which technologies are they investing in and is it working for them?

By monitoring your competitors, you get new ideas and gain a better understanding of which technologies are worth investing your money.


If you’re ready to take one step further in the adoption of new technologies, you could consider partnering with a startup in your field. Instead of your business funding innovation on your own, you can learn about new, relevant technologies from startups.

A partnership can allow your business to get access to the latest resources  without taking on any excessive risk.

There is a competition between businesses to stay relevant in the fast-paced and ever changing digital world. Those who are not able to take advantage of the latest technological tools and use them effectively are not able to compete.

To secure your position in the market, make sure to invest in innovation and the adoption of new technologies. Stay ahead of your competitors and be the first to adapt to new consumer tastes and changes in the marketplace.


Josh Carlyle is an experienced writer and marketing professional, who is creating and editing content and at Writing Guru and Write my essay today. As a business strategist, Josh is always eager to find creative solutions to different economic issues and communicate his ideas and insights to our readers.