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Top 8 Jamaican Startups on the Rise

Top 8 Jamaican Startups on the Rise

Posted by PanamericanWorld on April 12, 2017

Its motto “Out of Many, One People” reflects the diversity of the Jamaican people, a mix of different races, cultures and religions, and the wide variety of startups that call this region home also represent this eclectic heritage. Here is a list of 8 startups from Jamaica that you need to know about in 2017 because they are growing very fast. You’ve probably heard of the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica’s amazing rainforests, reef-lined beaches, and other natural wonders. Many are unaware that its also the third most populous anglophone country in the Americas (after the United States and Canada) with a developing tech startup ecosystem. These 8 startups prove that the island nation is more than just a tropical paradise—be sure to keep an eye its rising tech ecosystem as these companies expand to global markets.

8. Contextual

Contextual’s platform enables businesses to advertise products and services to people based on their geographic location. This enables advertisers to push specific content targeted at areas in proximity to a shopper’s mobile device and develop geolocation-specific ad campaigns.

7. Slick

Slick has developed a wireless electric utility meter solution consisting of an easy-to-use/install device bundled with an accompanying web/mobile app.

6. TheVineList

The VineList is a social shopping app that brings shoppers directly to the relevant merchants and stores. The company is a part of the government-led Startup Jamaica Accelerator.

5. StartupRobot

As its name implies, StartupRobot is a platform that aims to make it easier for startups to set up and incorporate companies. The solution uses shorter, simpler forms and streamlines other processes for doing business in Jamaica.

4. CrimeBot

CrimeBot’s mobile app is focused on crime fighting by providing users with anonymous crime reporting and user confirmation feedback to verify incoming reports. Other notable features include interactive maps and crime hotspots covering a variety of communities and countries.

3. Edufocal

Edufocal is an innovative, rewards-based social learning platform that combines study with play. The solution initially focused on students taking the Caribbean CXC & GSAT examinations, but has expanded to SAT test takers as well.

2. Agrocentral

Agrocentral is a digital agricultural clearing house that uses web to SMS/SMS to web technologies for connecting small farmers and businesses. The company was a participant in the first Startup Weekend Jamaica event in 2013.

1. NotesMaster

NotesMaster is an e-learning platform that enables students and educators from different countries to learn and share materials, using familiar syllabus frameworks that reflect their own curriculum. The company currently operates in the Caribbean and African markets.

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