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Top 5: Venezuela’s best beaches for sports

Top 5: Venezuela’s best beaches for sports

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on August 05, 2015

Fine sand, clear waters and warm temperatures throughout the year are some of the characteristics that define the most of the 4000 kilometers of coastline that Venezuela has. Having the privilege of bathing in the fascinating Caribbean, not only makes the country an incomparable tourist destination, but also an ideal place for some of the world's most popular water sports. Below is a list of five spectacular spots for adventure lovers.

5. Playa Cangrejo, Lecheria

In northeastern Anzoategui state, in the city of Lecheria, is this watering place whose geographic and climatic conditions make it an excellent place for windsurfing and kitesurfing. There, El Morro Windsurfing Club, an organization promoting the teaching and practice of these water sports, organizes, throughout the year, races in different categories. The strong night wind in the area is perfect for sporting events after sunset.

4. Mochima National Park

Also in the east, this national park, which spans between Sucre and Anzoategui states, consists of a group of small islands with a huge variety of scenarios, ranging from deep-sea littoral to coral reefs. The beauty of its vegetation, combined with its rich variety of animal species, makes scuba diving the best activity to fully discover the incredible beauty of this natural reserve. Apart from fish and sea turtles, one can see the dolphins and, hopefully, some kind of whale.

3. Cuyagua

The coast of the Aragua state, in the center-west, offers almost endless possibilities for the visitor, but if there is a beach worldwide famous for its youthful spirit, strong waves, cleaning and popularity, it would be this one, without a doubt. This earthly paradise, whose broad arenas allow the installation of camps, for a few days in complete shutdown of the city, is the choice for both enthusiasts and professional of surfing and bodyboarding. After many hours of adrenaline in salty waters, surfers can be rewarded with a dip in one of the crystalline rivers.

2. The Guasa, Los Roques National Park

This heavenly Venezuelan archipelago has not earned his reputation in vain. The breathtaking beauty that comes from the mixture of warm turquoise waters and sandy incomparable purity is, itself, enough to make this national park in a dream come true. However, it is not all it has to offer; activities such as sailing, kayaking, rowing, fishing, windsurfing and diving, with or without tank, are part of its powerful appeal. At the north end of the park is La Guasa, exalted as a point for professional diving, combining depth with strong currents of the open sea.

1. El Yaque, Isla Margarita

Located in the world ranking of the top 10 locations for windsurfing, this beach is cherished by the trade winds, which blow constantly between 15 and 30 nautical knots on its hundreds of feet of warm and shallow waters. Not surprisingly, some of the best athletes in the sport have grown and developed their skills at this beach, where conditions are more than perfect, without exaggeration. Thus, throughout the year, under a sun always shining, it is possible to appreciate the skills of hundreds of adventurers in action, thanks to the presence of professionals from all over the world and the work of local windsurfing and kitesurfing schools.


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