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Table Tennis Breaking Out of its Cocoon

Table Tennis Breaking Out of its Cocoon

Posted by Lynie Awywen on December 30, 2013

Table tennis, viewed mostly as a recreational activity for most persons rather than a highly competitive sport, is beginning to put Guyana on notice that it is turning into one of the better sport in the nation.

Why such a proclamation? The Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) has been hitting more at development and giving their players a chance to improve internationally and locally. The sport has also had a host of competitions during the year 2013.

To be more specific, the GTTA held nine competitions locally, while attending 11 international table tennis events, two of which was hosted in Guyana.

Further, the association in February held a coaching clinic in Berbice focusing on younger players while having a “teach them young” training camp in August that targetted children 18 and under.

In addition, there was also training periods for some of the top players that focused on new techniques and skills that allowed the players to reach the highest level as possible which showed the association’s dedication to the sport.

One of the bright spots for the association that goes unnoticed is that unlike some of the top disciplines such as cricket and football there is no inside bickering known to the public as the GTTA functions and operates professionally which is a plus in their book.

With the association now having players that are world ranked in Chelsea Edghill, Idi Lewis, Trenace Lowe, Christopher Franklin and Paul David due to their experience at the World Table Tennis Championships in France during the month of May, it is a clear indication of the growth of the association and its willingness to expose players despite the limited resources available to the sport.

The GTTA was arguably the most developing sport and association in the country for 2013 as it continues to produce excellent players at all levels.

Overall, the association has done a lot of developmental work in terms of spreading its wings to the Ancient County and Linden during the past year, setting the future of the sport on a solid foundation.

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