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Startup Stories: eMesh, Technology Aimed at Event Management

Startup Stories: eMesh, Technology Aimed at Event Management

Posted by Miguel Ernesto on April 17, 2017

Our startup stories now offer a closer look at Peruvian startup eMesh, which proposes technological solutions to manage events, by means of an integrated system that optimizes both management and marketing.

When was eMesh founded? What were its goals?

We had been working with different organizations devoted to organizing a large number of event every year or big events in the business-academic area.

Nevertheless, we realized that they were meeting their goals, but there was no learning curve so they were facing several problems to manage big amounts of information, optimize the management and sales, and carry out effective registrations processes. Putting together the organizing team used to entail a significant loss of time, money and efforts.

That was how we identified an opportunity of nearly 500 million dollars in Latin America, our target market, and over 3 billion dollars in emerging markets, our potential market.

eMesh was created to transform those traditional processes in the event management industry by applying technology and a comprehensive platform, thus increasing business outcomes, reducing management expenses, improving the experience provided to the attendees and optimizing the efforts to be carried out by the organizing team.

We presently stand out as the only company in Latin America specialized in providing technological solutions for events. We offer an integrated system that optimizes the management and marketing throughout the event.

How does eMesh work?

Our platform allows users to create an optimized website for sales, attract and register people interested, directly contact customers, receive registrations with several payment methods, obtain real-time metrics, manage all the information related to the event in one platform and control the attendance by using a mobile app.

Moreover, our system allows users to take sales 30 percent up, reduce management costs in 20 percent, improve the experience and optimize efforts for the organizing team.

What’s your fund-raising strategy?

We believe that the best strategy is to show, by means of true sales, the need for this kind of solutions in our market; however, we’re already opening our first funding round to develop intensive penetration strategies in the market and position our brand at the capital cities with the highest number of events held in Latin America.

Which have been your main outcomes?

Since day one, we’ve truly validated the existing need in the market for such a solution as our platform. We won the International Business Model Competition and the Startup Peru contest. We have developed a stable product, we have implemented it in the most important organizations of our city and we have checked the results. We can say that eMesh has been implemented in the main organizations of our city and we’re planning to expand it.

What are the prospects for eMesh this year?

We are presently positioning our brand in the main events throughout the country and developing strategic alliances with the main organizations. We’re looking forward to strengthen our position in Peru and assessing opportunities in foreign markets.

—What do you make of the startup ecosystem in Peru?

Peru’s startup ecosystem is presently on the rise thanks to such public investment programs as STARTUP PERU and private investment funds like ANGEL VENTURES or ALTA EL DORADO, which boost the development of startups in the country by means of events and activities.

The MINISTRY OF PRODUCTION and INNOVATE PERU are one of the factors in this process, since they have funded several projects; nonetheless, it’s important to acquired know-how from countries with higher development, so success possibilities can be higher for Peruvian startups.

5 tips to be shared with other startups

1.-Establish a management process, since several tasks are carried out without any order or planning.

2.-Prolong the company-creation process, since partners come and go, which would be unstable if the company is created in an early stage.

3.-Work on the vision and action plan to achieve goals.

4.-Avoid fixed costs and unnecessary expenses.

5.-Follow the balance point, since once it is fulfilled it represents an important indicator to exponentially grow the startup.

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