Cuba vs Mexico at 2014 Caribbean Series

Cuba vs Mexico at 2014 Caribbean Series

Posted by E.B. Ramirez on December 26, 2013

Cuba will face Mexico in the opening of the Caribbean Series baseball in its edition of 2014. The event will take place in the Venezuelan island of Margarita from 1 to 8 February, reported the organizers. According to the schedule, on the first day they will also play teams of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, a match a very commented match of the tournament.

According to the Organizing Committee, it is stablished the round-robin system in a single round, with one day off for each country, and the team in the fifth position will have no option to compete for the title. The other four teams will play in semifinals (first-fourth and second-third) in macth per day.

Thus, winners will move foward to finals, to be played on February 8. Cuba will rival on the second date (February 2) to Venezuela, on February 3 against Dominican Republic, and on February 4 will face Puerto Rico.

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