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10 Venezuelan Tech Startups That is Worth Following

10 Venezuelan Tech Startups That is Worth Following

Posted by PanamericanWorld on April 03, 2017

Valencia is Venezuela’s third largest city and home to many of the country’s top industries and manufacturing companies. The following are 10 of its tech startups baseed in Valencia that you need to know about in 2017. 

From Maracaibo to Caracas, Venezuela’s major cities have in recent years seen the emergence of local tech startup ecosystems, even as the country at large faces ongoing economic challenges.

10. PleIQ

PleIQ has developed a educational smart toy that merges AR and artificial intelligence (AI) to create interactive, adaptive learning experiences for fostering learning and creativity in preschoolers. The offering consists of a physical smart toy block with letters, numbers and other symbols and an accompanying mobile app.

9. Amplisense

Amplisense designs solutions that enable parents to easily monitor their children’s growth. Its Amplikidz offering consists of an Bluetooth-enabled device coupled with an app for tracking data regarding your kid’s height, weight, and more.

8. SocialGest

SocialGest’s comprehensive social media management app offers tools for content programming, data analysis/statistics, and other social sentiment capabilities. The offering is the only Spanish-language app that performs scheduled publications on Instagram.

7. Dawere

Dawere offers complementary online courses as well as an innovative online high school—the first of its kind of Latin America (LATAM). The company’s goal is to solve problems related to access, quality, and equality in the LATAM educational system.

6. Gamekip

Gamekip’s project management app aims to improve internal corporate communication and productivity through the gamification—or use of game dynamics in non-games contexts—of projects and tasks.


TRIXANDTRAX is an online social video platform where high school and college students can showcase their talents. The website has two categories: Trix, or anyone that can perform a trick with a skateboard and Trax—vidoes that consist of creating/playing a music track. 


REDIR’s digital platform provides intelligent logistics and management for the segregation, collection, use, and recovery of recyclable urban solid waste.

3. gushMI

gushMI’s SaaS solution gives enterprises and brands an array of tools for understanding their customers and audiences. Its psychometric survey algorithm enables its users to segment audiences by different mindsets and preferences.

2. OnSpotMe

OnSpotMe is a social communication tool that allows users to leave messages—images and/or text—in public or private, at a specific location. The messages can be viewed by anyone or locked down to specific individual(s).

1. Siplik

Siplik has developed a collaborative platform for healthcare data sharing and analysis in LATAM. Its free electronic health record (EHR) management system is accessible anywhere and allows medical practitioners to schedule medical consultations from the website or app.

From the gamification of project management to AI-assisted smart toys, these Valencia-based innovations only scratch the surface of what’s to come— be sure to keep the region and its startups on your radar in 2017 and beyond.

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