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10 Tech Startups from Uruguay to Follow

10 Tech Startups from Uruguay to Follow

Posted by PanamericanWorld on July 05, 2017

Though not a household name outside of LATAM, Uruguay has managed to make a name for itself in the software industry with its abundance of bleeding edge, fast-growing startups. Be sure to keep an eye on this region as its full potential for innovation has yet to be unleashed. Wedged between two South American behemoths, Argentina and Brazil, the diminutive nation of Uruguay—with its 3 million people and twelve million cows—is surprisingly a giant when it comes to technological innovation in Latin America (LATAM).

10. Flokzu

Flokzu is a cloud app that automates document workflows between people, organizations and/or teams. The solution centralizes forms, documents, and files onto one platform, thereby enabling users to easily search for items, manage pending tasks, create alerts, and more—all through a single interface.

9. is an online hotel reservation with more than 585,000 hotels, apartments, and hostels from over 211 countries across the globeThe website also offers a plethora of free tourist resources and information. 

8. Cluval

Cluval is an etailer that features products from the most prominent national and international brands: clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, sporting goods, among others. Users save up to 70% of the original retail price of featured goods.


Paganza is an iOS/Android/Windows Phone mobile offering for intelligent bill payment in Uruguay. Users simply scan the bill barcode with their mobile device, select their preferred bank account, and schedule the date(s) for automatic payments.


Softruck develops software and hardware for the maintenance, management, and logistics of vehicle fleets. With plans for global expansion, this ambitious logistics startup has already entered the neighboring Brazilian market.


CityCop aims to reduce local security issues with its innovative mobile offering. The GPS-powered app and vigilant community of users report local incidents in real-time, enabling residents to avoid falling victim to robberies and crimes.

4. Xmartlabs

Xmartlabs is a Montevideo and San Francisco-based firm that develops transformational software products for high-growth startups and forward-thinking companies. Marquee clients include CipherHealth, Nobly, and Yapert, among others.


GPSGAY is a web/mobile platform that combines features from Facebook, Amazon,, YouTube, and more to offer the gay community a centralized lifestyle and networking platform. The free and confidential service already boasts over 100,000 users

2. Bankingly

Bankingly enables financial institutions to provide customers with easy access to digital offerings and services for banking and finance. The solution supports multiples currencies and languages, and offers easy personalization/customization. 

1. Tryo Labs

With headquarters in Montevideo and San FranciscoTryolabs aims to help startups and digital enterprises create natural language processing (NLP), data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI)-based products. The firm has already developed a range of solutions for startups in Silicon Valley and New York City.

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