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10 Tech Startups from British Columbia to Follow

10 Tech Startups from British Columbia to Follow

Posted by PanamericanWorld on July 07, 2017

From online tutoring apps to personal money management solutions, these 10 innovators are reaffirming British Columbia’s dominance in the global tech startup arena—be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond. 2017 may already be halfway over, but British Columbia’s tech startup scene isn’t letting up when it comes to exciting digital innovations. Vancouver has already established a reputation as one of the best places in the world to live—it’s therefore no surprise that the region produces some of the world’s most innovative tech startups.

10. Popul8


Popul8 aims to develop simple tools for users to digitize their worksites. Its offering combines 360 immersive experiences, computer image recognition, and AR/VR in a photography-based mapping solution that enables customers to document and manage assets in their workspaces.

9. Buddybuild


Buddybuild’s offering is essentially an app for creating apps: its system streamlines the app development process by automatically provisioning different devices and user profiles (e.g. coders, testers) to be viewed and managed. The solution features feedback/crash reports as well as an “instant replay” feature that visually recreates the exact steps leading up to a particular user issue.

8. A Thinking Ape


A Thinking Ape is a leader in the social-mobile video game space, with leading freemium titles like Party Dorm and Kingdoms at War to its credit. The company boasts a highly active fan community, with groups of players—called “clans” in-game—organizing trips to Disneyland and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in relief fundraisers.

7. Quietly


Quietly specializes in content strategy, publishing and distribution consulting services. The team—or the “Qrew”—builds unique, customer-tailored content and distribution ideas through researching search trends, web analytics/keywords, and social media activity, among others.

6. Koho


Koho’s free mobile app helps users manage their money better by acting as a personal digital accountant. Upon creating a spending account with the app, the tool can send money transfers, pay bills, and even use ATMs—all the while tracking how much is being spent across a variety of categories (e.g. groceries, services, entertainment).

5. Foodee


Foodee is an online service that curates menus from top local restaurants for personalized delivery to your office. The company provides meal planning services, menu recommendations, and same-day service with a two-hour delivery time. Originally based in Vancouver, it now has 11 branches across Canada and the United States.

4. Fantasy360


Fantasy360 develops virtual and augmented reality video games, hardware, and virtual experiences. The company has an extensive list mobile games and VR experiences to its credit, including a 360-degree virtual arena.

3. Eventbase


Like its name implies, Eventbase is all about optimizing events and making them more fulfilling for attendees—the company designs apps tailored for specific trade shows, industry conferences, festivals, and other events. A notable feature of its apps—“Around Me”—uses iBeacon technology to display other event attendees in proximity who might be valuable connections.

2. HelpHub


Help with a tough homework assignment is now available 24 hours a day—HelpHub’s app connects students with tutors via instant messaging, phone, and video calls. Users simply post what they need help with and their budget to be quickly matched with the appropriate tutor.

1. 5F


5F’s fitness app focuses on the social aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle, akin to Tinder of workout apps. The app connects users with other local exercise aficionados that enjoy the same kind of workouts and activities.

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